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Technology – Zeolite technology

Environmentally-friendly Cooling, Heating and Drying Technology

The global reduction of CO2 emissions calls for the use of efficient energy conversion processes. Up to now, heat and cold have largely been produced in separate processes, each with considerable energy losses .

Zeo-Tech GmbH has taken up the challenge and has developed and patented a new technology for the cost-saving production and storage of cold and heat. This technology is now ready to enter series production.

The technology revolves around adsorption with the natural and environmentally-compatible pair of substance zeolite and water. These adsorption devices produce heat and cold at the same time, thereby minimising energy losses.

The principle:
Zeolite and water, both harmless substances in terms of their environmental impact, are used in a closed adsorption cycle. The process is driven by heat alone; this can come from electricity, the sun or gas. The process is environmentally-compatible, safe and has already been tested in various fields of application.

With 70 patents and a large number of product developments, Zeo-Tech is a global leader in the segments of heating and cooling systems based on zeolite and water. There is currently no other sorption process that offers so many benefits.

Producing ice in just a few seconds

Our glass cylinder impressively shows how zeolite technology works. Ice is produced in a glass sphere in just a few seconds.

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