Hotel Refrigerator

Hotel refrigerators, so-called minibars, are expected to work silently. For over 90 years now, they have contained the sorption pairing of ammonia and water and a small amount of carcinogenic additives (dichromates).

In order to work, they need heat, which is supplied by an electrical heating system. The efficiency compared to conventional loud household refrigerators with compressor systems is less than optimal.

Zeo-Tech has developed an alternative power system using the environmentally-friendly pairing of the substances zeolite and water. This system manages without any hazardous substances while dramatically reducing the minibar's power consumption. The energy consumption of a minibar based on zeolite technology (Zeobar) is around 25% lower than that of a conventional minibar based on ammonia. When ambient temperatures are very high (e.g. 32°C), the Zeobar reaches lower interior temperatures than conventional systems (see table).

total volume [l]
ambient temperature [°C]
cabinet temperature[°C]
energy consumption[kWh/24h]
HiPro 4000 40 25 5 0,78
    32 8.5 1.14
Zeobar 40 25 5 0,58
    32 4.6 1.00

This development is now ready for series production.

You will find further information, including details of gas-fired cooling systems, in the Bine Information Service project report.