Solar-powered Air-Conditioning

Solar-powered Air-Conditioning Systems would appear to be particularly practical and highly cost effective. After all, you normally only need air-conditioning when the sun is shining.

So what is the problem? Why haven't such systems already been around for a long time? After all, unlike the electricity for conventional systems, primary energy required (solar energy) is free of charge?

The main problem is the investment costs required to be able to collect sufficient solar heat and to feed waste heat back into the warm environment.

This is where Zeo-Tech GmbH has gone off in a new direction. Our developments show that wherever CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrators) solar collectors are used for warm water heating and, in some cases, to support the heating system, it would also be possible to use air-conditioning systems.

With additional costs of just € 200 per square metre, the CPC collectors could be used to produce and store ice for an air-conditioning system.

With an adequately dimensioned ice storage unit, a large quantity of ice could be set aside as a buffer stock for a longer period as long as air-conditioning is not required. This stock can be melted whenever it is needed and used for efficient cooling.

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