Solar-powered Refrigerator

To run normal refrigeration equipment, such as sorption refrigerators, you need a connection to the electricity supply or a gas flame. To run the solar-powered refrigerator developed by Zeo-Tech, all you need is the sun.

Solar radiation is converted into heat in CPC vacuum tubes which then fuels the zeolite system. During the day, the zeolite filling in the tubes is heated up, thereby forcing water vapour out of the zeolite; at night the zeolite filling cools down and adsorbs cold water vapour from an ice storage unit. That is to say, the ice storage unit ices up at night and thaws out during the day so that the refrigerator is kept permanently cool. The ice storage unit can be made larger to get through a number of days without sun.

The waste heat from the zeolite filling can be reclaimed at night and used for warm water heating, for example.

Further information in the Bine project report