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ZeoCool Transport Box

Global shipping at a constant temperature

ZeoCool is a revolutionary invention by our company. Disposable transport packaging with an integrated active zeolite cooling system and separate heating. These systems keep the payload at a constant temperature between 2 - 8°C for a period of several days irrespective of the outside temperature, which could be -15° or even + 40°C.

Ideal for shipping valuable, temperature-sensitive products around the globe. The advantages are: Dependability and cost reduction thanks to simple handling and a low dimensional weight. We developed this application in close collaboration with our licensee SCA Cool Logistics.


In 2011, the SCA ZeoCool System won a Gold Starpack Award
  and the
Alufoil Trophy in the category "Cross Category Excellence"

The chairman of the jury Alan Moffat, packaging developer at H. J. Heinz R&D, commented:

"This is a wonderful product that delivers on so many fronts including delivery of sensitive drugs to remote geographical regions and disaster zones. When tested the instructions were plain and easy to follow. The ZeoCool worked perfectly."