CoolKeg - The Self-Cooling Beer Keg

Cooled keg beer at the push of a button – anywhere – anytime – without electricity – a multi-award-winning development

CoolKeg, a self-cooling beer keg, is a Zeo-Tech development which has attracted a lot of public attention.


For the first time ever, thanks to this innovative application of zeolite cooling technology, it is now possible to enjoy fresh draught beer cooled to 7 to 9 °C - anytime, anywhere and without electricity.

CoolKeg is the ideal party keg. It does not need to be connected to the electricity supply and it does not need ice blocks. All you need to do is flip a lever to trigger the cooling mechanism. After about 30 minutes, cool beer can be dispensed irrespective of ambient temperature.

Together with Tucher Bräu in Nuremberg, Zeo-Tech developed this container innovation until it was ready to be put onto the market. In the meantime, CoolKeg is available on the market in various package sizes.


  • 2003 Stahl Innovation Prize in the category "Innovative Products"
  • 2001 the 24th German Packaging Competition
  • 2001 Worldstar 2001 Packaging Award from International Packaging Organisation

CoolKeg is also available from the following breweries: Zirndorfer, Wolfshöher, Staropramen, Ayinger, Feldschlösschen Rheinfelden, Guenther-Bräu, Hochdorfer, Landskron Görlitz, Brauerei Baar Schweiz, Müller AG Schweiz.

Our exclusive distribution partner is CoolSystem KEG GmbH in Fürth:

Article in the trade journal KI Luft- und Kältetechnik 8/2002