Caravan Refrigerator/Freezer

Refrigerators for caravans and motor homes represent one of the greatest challenges in the field of refrigeration. Mobile refrigerators need to have a freezer compartment and it must be possible to run them with electricity or, alternatively, with just a gas flame. Although absorber systems have been able to meet these requirements, they are filled with the environmentally critical pairing of water-ammonia.

Zeo-Tech has succeeded in also realising this application with the environmentally-friendly pairing of zeolite-water. Besides satisfying the classical requirements, a significant reduction was also achieved in the effects of gradients and acceleration on the cooling process.

Customers rate the fast cooling effects as particularly advantageous.

Thanks to the zeolite system's storage capability, the cooling effect begins to work immediately at the push of a button, even before the electricity or gas supply has been connected up. In contrast, classical ammonia systems require a longer preparation time before cooling begins to take effect.

It goes without saying that, with this new development, a significant reduction in gas/electricity consumption has also been achieved.