ZeoDry Dehumidifier

Perfect function:

One property of zeolite is that it sucks in water vapour with enormous force and binds it in its pore structure. This property is utilised for dehumidifying.

ZeoDry has a dehumidifying effect in refrigerators and freezers. It reduces ice formation, combats mould formation and lowers energy consumption.

In wardrobes, shoe cupboards, drawers, cars, etc, ZeoDry draws moisture out of clothes, shoes and other materials and combats the formation of mould.

This mineral is completely non-toxic and environmentally-friendly.

Easy handling:
Place the ZeoDry bag flat in your refrigerator or freezer, in your wardrobe or shoe cupboard or in your car. It will work for around 3 months, depending on where it is used. The zeolite is saturated when the bag is about 25 % heavier than before. The bag should then be replaced or regenerated.

ZeoDry can be regenerated by applying heat. To do so, tip the zeolite without the packaging onto a baking tray and dry it in the oven for 2-3 hours at 250°C. Cover the hot zeolite with aluminium foil, allow it to cool and put it back into the bag. This procedure can be repeated any number of times. Should the ZeoDry not be required again immediately, please store it in an air-tight plastic bag.

Environmentally-friendly disposal:
Zeolite may go into your organic refuse, the bag into your normal household refuse.

ZeoDry can be ordered as a set in our Online Shop with four air-permeable bags (14 x 17 cm) –
á 250 g - each individually packed.