Dishwasher and Washer Dryer with Zeolite Technology

Zeolite adsorption technology can be used as an open system in a dish washer or washer dryer (= washing machine and dryer in one), thereby contributing to savings in energy. That is because the dishes or the washing do not need to have a high temperature for drying - as was the case up to now - when they are dried by means of dry, warm air that circulates through a zeolite sorber.

During the pre-wash cycle in a dishwasher, the zeolite sorber desorbs (is baked out) and the water vapour that comes out of the zeolite is transferred to the dishes along with a part of the perceivable heat. This results in energy recovery. After rinsing, the dishes are dried at a low temperature in a airstream that circulates through the zeolite sorber. Dishwashers with zeolite technology are ranked in the category A+++.

Zeo-Tech GmbH has developed an innovative, energy-efficient process and applied for a patent. In this process, the zeolite is prepared during the pre-wash cycle with a very low energy requirement and in a very short time. This process allows very low cost implementation of the zeolite drying method in a dishwasher.