Manual Vacuum Pump

Besides electrical vacuum pumps, Zeo-Tech GmbH also uses a manual pump developed by the company itself. Even without electric power, ultimate pressures of under 2 mbar abs. can be achieved with the manually operated vacuum pump. The pumping speed of 2-3 m³/h is equivalent to that of small, electrically-driven vacuum pumps.

This patented plunger pump compresses the sucked-in gas stream in two stages and works completely without lubricant. The water vapour tolerance is very high thanks to the dry compression process. The amount of manual effort required is surprisingly small and, at a maximum of 1.4 kg, the pump weighs much less than motor-driven rotary vane pumps. The body of the pump is transparent, always giving you the opportunity to keep an eye on the medium being pumped. Vapour condensation is immediately visible. The body of the pump can be easily opened for cleaning.
The pump can be used in laboratories, for evacuating refrigeration systems, in food technology and everywhere where a high vacuum is required without a mains cable.

A small quatity of this Zeo-Tech development is deliverable on request.