Instructions for the Glass Demonstration Device

Zeolite/water adsorption including regeneration oven

Adsorption (cooling):
Turn the stainless steel screw cap clockwise and observe how the valve inside the evaporator (glass sphere) opens by about 5 mm. Depending on the starting temperature of the water inside the evaporator, you can see how ice forms inside the evaporator within just a short time.

If a large quantity of the water has already been adsorbed in the zeolite (the zeolite can adsorb the entire volume of water in the evaporator), it is advisable to regenerate the system (desorption).

Desorption (Regeneration):

Insert the cylinder of the glass demonstrator (with the valve open) into the electric oven and plug the oven in. After a while, you will see condensation from the desorbed vapour on the inner surface of the evaporator (glass sphere). As soon as a sufficient quantity of water has condensed (after approx. 2 hours), end the desorption by unplugging the electric oven. As you desorbed with the valve open, now close the valve and leave the hot glass demonstrator on its metal stand to cool down. (Caution, the glass cylinder is very hot! The glass sphere is just warm to the touch.) Once the glass demonstrator has cooled down, it is ready for use once more. If the valve was not closed after the desorption process, the zeolite will start to adsorb again while the cylinder is cooling down.