Ice-Quick - A Demonstration Device for Zeolite Technology

The Ice-Quick is a demonstration device that works without electricity. It can be used to freeze small quantities of water in just a few moments.

Advantages of the device:

  • The cooling procedure can be triggered at any time and freezing occurs immediately.
  • The cooling process can be interrupted as often as you wish without losing capacity
  • Ice production is possible completely without electricity
The device consists of a small manual vacuum pump and a cartridge filled with zeolite. The two are connected by a tube. The cartridge is placed on top of a plastic beaker containing a little water. The air is then removed from the system using the pump. After just a few stokes with the pump - due to the negative pressure reached - the water begins to simmer at ambient temperature. The more air that is removed from the system, the better the zeolite sucks in the water vapour and binds it in its crystalline structure (adsorption). The remaining water cools down and freezes within a short time, starting on the surface.

The following measurements and calculations show the performance level of this freezing process:

So much warmth is removed from a water mass of 50 g and with a starting temperature of 10 °C that an ice mass of 10 g forms within 30 seconds. A zeolite mass of just about 500 g results in an averaged, specific cooling power of approx. 390 W/kg of zeolite.

With breaks in-between, the adsorption procedure can be repeated several times until the adsorbency of the filling has been exhausted due to the saturation of the zeolite with water. Then, the content of the cartridge be regenerated by heating it to 250 °C for a short time in an oven. Once the mass has cooled down, the freezing procedures can be repeated until the zeolite is saturated again.

Our innovative Ice-Quick system is temporarily not available. 

(Video: Ice-Quick )

Operating instructions for the Ice-Quick