Climatised Protective Suit

A Climatised Protective Suit is often needed for working in high outdoor temperatures, e.g. for firemen, fitters or pilots.

An integrated rucksack air-conditioning device has been developed for such applications which provides climatised air for ...

  • the helmet
  • the mouthpiece in the helmet
  • the entire suit
The overall design of the Micro-Climatization System (MiCS) is by SD&E System Design & Engineering GmbH. At the core of the suit system is the MICS climatisation device, which is based on zeolite/water adsorption technology from Zeo-Tech.

GKSS Publication

The MICS offers the following operation modes depending on the prevailing environmental conditions:

  • Uncooled (recirculated air)
  • Active cooling
  • Active heating and cooling

As an option, an air filtration system can also be integrated into the suit, e.g. for chemical-biological substances